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About us

With passion for innovation and premium quality design, KyTronik offers accessories for Vintage two-wheeler... and others !
KyTronik was founded in Singapore in 2012 with the goal to professionally design, manufacture and commercialise the Spark Magnifier product, a simple device that improves engine efficiency. Overwhelmed by its success, we added in 2013 to our product catalog the Smart Booster, truly digital variable ignition add-on, which instantly became the best-selling module of his kind. Finally, in late 2014 we introduced a toolbox must-have, Universal Pickup Filter aka PiFi.
In 2016, after several months of preparation, we enlarged our offering to premium mechanical parts by joining forces with AF Scooter Parts, now a KyTronik brand.
Being a startup today means being global - KyTronik is global and split most activities between Europe (design & development) and Singapore (logistics). Our webshop is hosted on a popular US-based platform.
With AF Scooter Parts, KyTronik delivers unique electronic and mechanical parts to enrich your scootering experience.

Shipment Info - We ship from Singapore using Singpost courrier services - very reliable ! Tracking (when available) is accessible from:




Tuning keeps you alive, do it !