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LIZTOR CNC hydraulic clutch FULL KIT for Vespa PX


  • $458.00

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The LIZTOR CNC clutch cover is designed for most of Vespa large frame, for people who want to have an hydraulic clutch actuation. It permits a softer level, with more feeling, perfect for big engine with hard clutch.


Main characteristics:

  • CNC clutch cover for hydraulic actuation, aluminum black anodized
  • Softer lever in comparison to cable version
  • Auto-adjustment
  • Suitable with CNC clutch basket (SIP, Scooter Center or MMW) without any modification or spacer
  • Integrated push rod inside the piston
  • About 5mm more space with rear tire (suitable for larger tire)
  • Plug and play device VESPA PX 80-125-150-200 (one hole has to be made in the handle bar for the flexible hose)


Liztor hydraulic clutch kit:

  • Hydraulic CNC clutch cover with copper pusher
  • Flexible hose (Black)
  • banjo bolt bleed
  • Ventilation Screw
  • O-ring
  • Standard left master cylinder of 12,7mm
  • Master cylinder adaptor


Not included in the clutch kit (needed for a complete installation):

  • Brake fluid (DOT 4 or DOT 5.1)


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PDF Notice: LIZTOR CNC hydraulic clutch full kit for Vespa PX

PDF assembly instructions: LIZTOR Hydraulic clutch installation procedure



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