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We are currently accumulating kilometers with a (heavily) "modified" Smart Booster mounted on a varitronic (IDM) ignition (flywheel and stator), and so far, it looks very promising from a robustness point of you.
It means concretely:
1. a light flywheel
2. powerful stator for lights
3. different ignition timing curves for varitronic/parmakit/vespower
4. uses a pretty common Ducati CDI
Are you interested ? Yes/No and why, tell us what you think !!

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  • Hello, I’m from Brazil and I will start using Kytronik, but I have friends in using race and I can say it is excellent.
    Now as Arduino enthusiast, I think it could be read from the wheel RPM, perhaps to change the ignition point you already have this RPM information, could then play it on a door, an exit which could be on a screen and get the value of RPM to follow :)

    Luis Fernando on
  • I am interested in this to run with the parmakit ignition I have for my P211 racer.

    Sergio Savoy on

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