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DIY: How to repair a Smart Booster with a broken cable

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Note: The below article can be used to repair any Smart Booster version with cables (Smart Booster 2 to current Smart Booster 2016-2)


You have put thousands of kilometers on your scooter and you are so happy with your digital Smart Booster variable ignition timing upgrade which brings you more torque, more speed as well as more safety by making the engine run cooler.

Unfortunately, one day the engine stops working and you realize that you should have put a bit more effort in protecting the poor little module trapped below your side panel, stressed under constant harsh conditions: super humid on your first rides out in Spring, super hot while you enjoy a duo-ride at full-throttle in the Summer, super wet on a typical rainy day in Automn and finally freezing cold while gently parked over the Winter....

And you found that:


 Or maybe that:

Well, in your trouble there is a "good news" for you ! The white cable is directly connected internally to the "white input terminal".
The same is true for the green cable and green "Smart Booster's input terminal".
(Unfortunately, this is not the case for the red cable, so be extra-careful with this one !)
To fix your problem, you simply need to connect stator, SmartBooster and CDI all together using this kind of adapter:


You will find such terminal in any standard hardware store under the reference "6.3mm double Faston".

  • The female side will connect to the Smart Booster terminal.
  • The male side will receive the stator plug
  • Below the blue cap, you will re-connect the broken wire (soldering or crimping)

Once you got it, it's a 5 to 15 mins job, depending on your skills at soldering and/or crimping !


So, nothing never last forever but it would be a pity not to put another 10'000km on a Smart Booster just because a cable broke !

Fix it and ride ! 


Enjoy the illustrated summary of this article !


Lastest Smart Booster 2016-2:


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